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Stabilizes palletized loads up to 40 ° tilt.

Increases the stability of the pallet and reduces logistical incidents during transport and handling

Allows you to increase the height of your pallets.

Allows you to lighten or eliminate your plastic overwrapping.

Keeps the condition of the packaging intact.

Available in micro-corrugated cardboard of 450 g / m2 and 1.8 mm thick.

Can be used on a palletising robot

Moisture barrier

Presentation in reels or sheets

Standard weights: 65, 110, 150, 270 and 330 g / m2

Standard formats: 74 x 114 cm - 80 x 119 cm - 100 x 119  cm

Other weights and formats on request 

intercalaire palette


Stabilizator 550 cardboard has a special non-slip coating suitable for securing the loading of materials most commonly used in logistics, such as Euro pallets loaded on the ground in a truck, paper reels, or even packaging. Using Stabilizator 550 non-slip cardboard increases the efficiency of other logistical fasteners such as lashing straps.


Easy and simple to use

Available in all desired sizes

Environmentally friendly product, recyclable, 100% biodegradable

Special coating for reliable securing of heavy loads

Product tested and certified by the VDZ Gmbh laboratory according to the VDI 2700 part.14 standard: friction coefficient µ> 0.6   

Economical product

tapis camion
Set de table.JPG


The "velvet touch" paper makes the table design perfect and original.


The "Velvet touch" paper is an anti-slip material with a very sensual velvet appearance.


Its non-slip function provides perfect stability for the set on the table and the cutlery on the set.


The sets are also very popular with caterers and pastry chefs for the transport and presentation of cocktails on a tray and cakes in their box.

art de table
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