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Who are we ?

Gerex Coating offers solutions for packaging, protection, securing and stabilization of products

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GEDEX BD- Photo  Erik Sampers      (158)
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A team of engineers, technicians and operators 

Over 7,000 tonnes of processed paper per year

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The factory located in Voreppe in Isère, has 3,500 m2

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Our values and our
Know how


Cutting the paper into a pancake shape

Cutting paper into sheets

Coucheuse à lame d'air BMB

Our machines

Blade Coater
BMB air

Equipped with a single sleeping head

Allows non-stop coatings of film-forming products or pigmentary layers.

The deposits can vary from 1g / m² (for silicones for example) to 25 / 30g / m² for pigmentary layers or for fire-retardant impregnations.


The range of convertible paper is very wide : from 35 / 40g / m² kraft to 100% recycled 500g / m² tesliner, including nonwovens or PE (tyvek) or PET films.

The drying capacity of the machine (infrared gas + forced air boxes) allows it to reach a maximum speed of 370m / min.

The maximum working width is 162 cm and its high maneuverability also allows it to handle small widths (60 cm for example).

The viscosity of the coating sauces will be a maximum of 200 centipoise with a material  50% dry.

The BMB coater is able to take coils up to 180 cm in diameter as input and take them out up to 190 cm.

The mandrel diameters at the inlet are 70, 76, 100, 120 and 150 and at the outlet of 100, 120 and 150 mm.


Our machines

BPI coating

Equipped with 2 heads using the principle of depositing by engraved rollers with doctor blade chamber.

This machine allows simultaneous coating of both sides of the paper.

The rheology of the sauces is around 1000 cpoises with a dry matter content of 50%

The range of grammages applied is 8 to 10g / m².


This automated machine equipped only with infrared drying (gas and electric) will preferentially treat heavy weights (from 150g / m²).

The maximum width is 160 cm for a speed of 200 m / min.

Mandrel diameter inlet 100 mm and outlet 100, 120 or 150 mm

Coupeuse formats

Our machines

Format cutters

  • A Jaggenberg 1450 cutter (speed 150m / min - 4 reel unwinder) 

  • A speedwell 1650 cutter (speed 200m / min - 4 reel unwinder) allowing to cut a maximum weight under blade of 450 and 600g and a maximum format of 1550 x 1650 mm.


Our machines

Winders and trimmer

  • A Hanssen take-up carrier roller winder allowing to work with spools with an inlet diameter of 150 cm (on 70, 76, 100, 120 and 150 mm mandrels) with a maximum width of 165 cm. The maximum outlet diameter is 130 cm and the minimum width is 8 cm.

  • two winders with a maximum width of 120 cm for making pancakes (1cm mini) or small rolls (100 ml for example). The maximum diameter of the pancakes or rolls is 60 cm.

  • A POLAR cutter with a maximum width of 114 cm.

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Specialist in the production of packaging fabrics by impregnation or lamination of fabric, plastic and microcrystalline petroleum wax.


Sustainable and ecological packaging to replace stretch film and aluminum in your kitchen


Ear candles with natural cotton and 100% organic beeswax. 


Non-slip paper intended for bakers, caterers and restaurateurs.

Group Gerex

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